A new ten-pin bowling alley for Gladstone, hospital upgrades, and maybe a brothel is what people want.

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10th Oct. 2020 7:10 AM

Make a new entertainment precinct in Ipswich, say QT readers

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28th Oct. 2016 7:10 AM

VIDEO of a five-year-old boy burning rubber in his dad's burnout car created polarising opinions with readers.

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27th Sept. 2016 5:09 PM

“Why a person would need to arm themselves with a high-powered AR-15 for protection simply beggars belief.”

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24th June 2016 10:06 AM

WE ASKED QT readers if they thought it was acceptable to smack children.

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15th June 2016 11:06 AM

QT readers think Thaiday's comments were all in good fun and said people should learn how to “take a joke”.

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02nd June 2016 1:06 PM