THIS Toowoomba woman wasn't going to simple poo poo her cat's meows of pain and woe.

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01st Aug. 2020 5:08 AM

THE consensus among the Kearneys Spring dinner guests was that fish in a tube might not be a great hit in Toowoomba.

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25th July 2020 6:07 AM

THEY'RE a group of hearty Toowoomba cyclists but even some of them bawked at getting out of a warm bed and cycling into a...

embarrassing moments funny stories gossip toowoomba whispers

18th July 2020 6:07 AM

A GREAT wail went up over Toowoomba this week after some lucky (expletive) in Victoria had scooped the $80 million...

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11th July 2020 5:07 AM

THIS lass thought she was doing the right thing and heading to the gym after the COVID-19 lockdown but it all went pear...

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04th July 2020 6:07 AM

A TOOWOOMBA lass was left applying the 30-second rule after her dinner, lovingly prepared by her partner, was dropped to...

30-second rule embarrassing moments funny stories gossip toowoomba whispers

20th June 2020 6:06 AM

THE barman is such a creature of habit that on his days off he has attended the same pub and had the same lunch for the...

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13th June 2020 6:06 AM

WHEN this Newtown man's mates turn up, he's not sure whether to offer them a beer or call the police.

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06th June 2020 6:06 AM

THESE two Toowoomba men prove that men are hopeless at following or asking for directions.

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30th May 2020 6:05 AM

WHISPERS: Gossip and funny stories from around Toowoomba and beyond.

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23rd May 2020 6:05 AM