It’s time to get waste savvy with 78% of Chinchilla locals admitting so sneaking rubbish in their neighbours’ bins.

chinchilla community nestle recylcling rubbish bins waste

12th Dec. 2019 8:12 AM

It’s no trash talk - a third kerbside bin for food and garden organics is among the options being explored by council to...

gladstone regional council landfill recycling waste waste strategy

11th Dec. 2019 5:12 AM

‘This is the first step... our vision is to transform this degraded site into a productive precinct’.

ipswich city council waste

04th Dec. 2019 2:12 PM

The average household across the country tosses out almost 5kg of food per week and that number could fall with more...

food food waste waste

30th Nov. 2019 6:11 PM

Wanless Waste Management intends to submit an application for a new facility next month. Jon Krause understands another is...

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30th Nov. 2019 12:11 AM

Wildfire Energy has partnered with waste company BMI to deliver the project.

ipswich city council rubbish waste

27th Nov. 2019 12:11 AM

The State Government has granted $500,000 for the construction of a facility which will turn non-recyclable waste into...

waste waste to energy

22nd Nov. 2019 8:11 AM

IT'S National Recycling week and Toowoomba residents are being asked to reconsider what they are putting in their yellow...

collection kerbside recycling waste

13th Nov. 2019 3:11 PM

The bulk of recyclable waste is sent from Australia to other countries for processing at a huge cost, but not for much...

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08th Nov. 2019 5:11 PM