Spenders and savers have very different views on how they handle their money. Find out which one you are here.

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21st Oct. 2019 9:10 AM

MILLENNIAL Sean Potter has revealed how he’s managed to stash away a staggering fortune — despite “never even earning” six...

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15th Oct. 2019 12:10 PM

First-home buyers in expensive cities have the rare chance to buy property much faster, but time looks to be running out ...

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02nd Oct. 2019 4:10 PM

SAVING up a deposit for your first home can be seen as an impossible mountain to climb for many people. But, it can be...

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12th Sept. 2019 7:09 AM

WHEN I talk to people about saving for retirement, a common response is 'I wish I'd known that sooner'.

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19th Aug. 2019 6:08 AM

Yoga teacher Ashley Encantada stopped buying unnecessary items for three months and saved herself a small fortune.

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02nd Aug. 2019 9:08 AM

NEW research highlights three key weak spots that could damage our financial wellbeing.

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13th May 2019 12:05 AM

Saving money should become a habit, a way of life, to build future wealth, and for many people that means there's no...

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01st May 2019 11:05 AM

YOU may not feel particularly well-heeled, but the total wealth of Australians stacks up to a tidy $9,784 billion.

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22nd April 2019 12:04 AM