Gladstone householders can go online to apply for interest-free loans and grants

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19th Nov. 2018 7:11 AM

Management has hit back at reports Gladstone Power Station could be downsized due to demand for renewable energy.

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20th Nov. 2017 11:11 AM

The renewable that hit private power companies was the rooftop solar PV that created a loss of income and hit the...

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18th Oct. 2017 7:10 AM

Australia now has the most expensive electricity in the world, and it can only keep going up especially if the totally...

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11th Oct. 2017 7:10 AM

Despite being one of the recommendatiosn of the Finkel review, the Federal Government will not commit to a Clean Energy...

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09th Oct. 2017 5:10 PM

Labor state governments refused gas exploration and extraction while Queensland sold all the gas it could produce overseas...

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29th Sept. 2017 7:09 AM

But Abbott wants to abandon the renewable energy target, when renewables plus batteries or pumped hydro are cheaper than...

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29th Sept. 2017 7:09 AM

We've got the best coal resources in Australia and we can't keep a lid on this essential utility.

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23rd March 2017 7:03 AM