Driver stopped on suburban street, allegedly five times over the legal blood alcohol limit

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21st Aug. 2019 12:08 PM

THE rising price of cigarettes has not been lost on this Toowoomba woman and the smokes were not even for her.

drink-driving failing to remain at the scene of a crash magistrates court toowoomba

21st Aug. 2019 5:08 AM

THE defendant wrote to the court saying he intended pleading guilty to all charges arising from the incidents on the New...

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21st Aug. 2019 5:08 AM

THE magistrate noted he had blown over .2 twice last year in a separate incidents and had been disqualified from driving...

disqualified driving drink-driving magistrates court toowoomba under the influence

17th Aug. 2019 5:08 AM

There’s outrage at the appointment of a drink-driving principal, who smashed into cars while highly over the limit, to an...

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13th Aug. 2019 2:08 PM

THE prosecution and defence have disputed his level of intent in the incident, after which two cyclists are still...

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12th Aug. 2019 5:08 PM

HER friends invited her out to take her mind off personal stresses but she had ended up driving with a breath/alcohol...

drink-driving driving while under the influence of liquor magistrates court station st toowoomba

07th Aug. 2019 5:08 AM

THE 23-year-old had not taken well the news that his partner had been seeing with another man while he was away working...

court drink-driving driving while under the influence of liquor relationship break-down toowoomba

05th Aug. 2019 3:08 PM

HE THOUGHT he was helping a tired mate after a night out at a nightclub, but he wound up in court on serious drink-driving...

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09th July 2019 12:07 AM