‘I have also been careful to exclude any reasonable alternate possibility, no matter how slight but not merely theoretical...

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24th Aug. 2020 5:08 AM

Coroner concludes only one person can be responsible for Shandee's violent death. 'He is the person who attacked her and...

coronial inquest mackay coroners court mackay crime shandee blackburn shandee blackburn inquest shandee inquest

21st Aug. 2020 6:08 PM

Solicitor Andrew Busch, Paul McGuire's wife Melissa McGuire and barrister Michael de Waard leave Mackay courthouse after...

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18th March 2020 4:03 PM

Anglo Coal underground mine manager has shared a letter of concerns he sent his employers before the death of Paul McGuire.

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22nd Feb. 2020 5:02 AM