ONE Australian will be more satisfied than the rest of us with tearing off his gaudy wrapping and tossing it aside.

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24th Dec. 2016 5:12 AM

This year's word of the year is a national disgrace write Chris Calcino

editors picks strange politics

17th Dec. 2016 5:12 AM

START-UP superglue company Death Grips Adhesive has claimed responsibility for a sticky guerrilla marketing protest that...

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30th Nov. 2016 4:11 PM

There is every hope a spectacular Palmer United Party-style implosion is just around the corner.

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26th Nov. 2016 1:11 PM

REMEMBER that Trump-lovin' buzzard Senator Cory Bernardi making headlines after wearing a Make Australia Great Again cap a...

cory bernardi donald trump editors picks george christensen hillary clinton make australia great again strange politics

20th Nov. 2016 10:11 AM

OH THAT burning pile of rubble and twisted metal? I wouldn't worry about that. The Senate is supposed to look like that.

bob day high court malcolm turnbull opinion rod culleton senate strange politics

05th Nov. 2016 6:11 AM

PROPONENTS of the gutter-mouthed branch of Australian vernacular are now officially free to tell their elected...

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29th Oct. 2016 5:10 AM

SCIENTISTS have discovered feeding cows just a morsel of seaweed with their normal diet can rein in the amount of hot air...

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22nd Oct. 2016 5:10 AM

Purveyors of crotch-hugging men's swimwear must be doing cartwheels right now with all the free publicity coming their...

budgie smugglers editors picks strange politics

09th Oct. 2016 7:10 AM