A YOUNG blood-spattered girl screamed for help after a savage magpie attack.

child magpie swooping season

20th Sept. 2018 2:09 PM

Magpie attacks usually occur within 100 metres of their nest.

magpies plovers swooping season tweed tweed heads

04th Sept. 2018 2:09 PM

HELP us create an interactive map so you can exercise in peace.

exercise kick the kilos magpies swooping season

04th Sept. 2018 11:09 AM

Swooping season is upon Dalby residents, as walkers and cyclists attempt to avoid magpie areas.

dalby magpies swooping season western downs

23rd Aug. 2018 5:08 AM

It might be time to put those zip ties back on your bike helmet.

magpie attack magpie breeding season magpies swooping season

14th Aug. 2018 4:08 AM

Magpies have begun swooping residents around the region, and now we are being asked to take precaution

dalby magpie attack swooping season

10th Oct. 2017 4:10 PM

Somehow, after close to 10 years of living in Australia, I have never actually been swooped... until last Friday.

coffs coast magpies national parks and wildlife service nesting season swooping season

13th Sept. 2017 10:09 AM

HERE are some top tips to avoid getting swooped in the city by black and white menaces this breeding season.

magpies news swooping season toowoomba

31st Aug. 2017 3:08 PM

Keep an eye on the sky, Gympie residents

magpie attack magpie season swooping season

18th July 2017 5:07 PM