Just after almost professing his undying love for the Saudi regime, Trump now finds himself in a predicament

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21st Oct. 2018 12:10 PM

'We should welcome the prompt action by PM ScoMo in calling a Royal Commission.'

colin claridge gympie region opinion column political commentator

23rd Sept. 2018 12:09 PM

OPINION: Colin Claridge says Nigel Farage's visit draws attention to the rise of divisive forces in society.

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15th Sept. 2018 12:09 PM

Comments like those aimed at Julia Gillard when she was prime minister are inexcusable.

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09th Sept. 2018 12:09 PM

Liberals brawl in Sydney cafe shows the infiltration of religion

brawl colin claridge liberal party opinion sydney cafe

24th June 2018 12:06 PM

Strange that in Qld the law can't compel a father to a paternity test

abortion laws reform colin claridge fathers opinion

03rd June 2018 12:06 PM

Voters need to know real cost of government revenue cuts

colin claridge opinion pauline hanson tax cuts

27th May 2018 12:05 PM