August 2020

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Nambour Hospital has come under fire after sick and cold patients were seen packed into a small area awaiting tests. WATCH THE VIDEO.

‘Utterly f---ed’: Outrage over crowded testing area

"I went to the drive through at Claoundra last Friday and was totally impressed with the whole set up."

May 2020

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A Coast surf club could well be the only large venue of its type aiming to welcome patrons back ahead of lighter restrictions.

BEER O’CLOCK: Multimillion-dollar surf club to open early

"Alex Surf Club is actually open Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday for dining for 10 people per sitting..."

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Peter Dutton has again taken aim at Annastacia Palaszczuk over Queensland’s border closures, saying the lack of logic was killing the economy.

Dutton slams Premier’s ‘lack of logic’, backs Hanson

"For once I agree with our Premier but she should take it a step further and let hsopitality and tourism..."

August 2019

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In his most impassioned column yet, rugby league legend MAL MENINGA takes aim at the gutless racists who spew their vile thoughts of social media.

Mal: Imagine it was your kid facing bigotry

"100% agree with Mal well said"

July 2019

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I jumped on board in the final with the Kiwis.

New Zealand show way on sporting stage

"Ha Ha"

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Gold Logie winner Tom Gleeson is better suited to the halls of parliament than on our small screens

Logies night was self-indulgent waffle won by a 'tosser'

"So it seems you guys think Australian comedian who take the piss out of everyone else are funny well I..."

June 2019

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It beats me how people can be shocked, outraged and offended about little annoyances but we don't hear a peep from them on the big problems.

Gawd, it's outrageous how offensive life can be

"Got it Bob, but ask the folk of Brightwater do they agree. "

April 2019

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But 25 years after he resigned, he explained this week why he did it.

Blight's story shows how harsh 'supporters' can be

"Sounds about right, still the Broncos supporters are very fickle"

March 2019

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Both are from the Sunshine Coast and both are going to make themselves household names in their respective codes.

Footy pathways, facilities crucial for next generation

"Point taken"

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