November 2019

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Up to 20,000 firefighters in NSW and parts of QLD are bracing for a day of "catastrophic" danger with shocking maps showing the potential spread of devastation.

Maps reveal potential 'catastrophic' danger

"The sort of fires happening in spring that we once only saw in summer."

October 2019

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“What are my thoughts on that? I thought that we were under the pump for a lot of that game and we fought hard and we won the game."

NRL Grand Final 2019: Robinson’s icy response to Thurston

"What ifs don't count. What happened was crucial to the outcome of the game. This will forever be the..."

July 2019

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Aussies love bestowing unflattering nicknames on famous figures like prime ministers. Barnaby Joyce's new nickname has put him in some good company.

Pollie nicknames: the good, the bad and the hilarious

"The latest incumbent will be known as The Accidental PM."

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A DRIVER'S out-of-the-ordinary journey was a potential first for Outback Queensland, where residents of some towns had never seen an electric vehicle before.

How this electric car travelled 2150km through the outback

"Fascinating article. Imagine how easy it will be when charging infrastructure is as prevalent as petrol..."

May 2019

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WE might have spawned One Nation and their ilk in Queensland, but that doesn’t mean that we still want them, or that they’ll find a home here come voting day.

Queenslanders have proven we don't want One Nation

"I doubt any of the major parties has demonstrated the level of contempt PHON has shown to voters."

March 2019

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A GROUP of “flat Earth” conspiracy theorists is heading to the “end of the world” in a bizarre trip to prove the planet isn’t a sphere.

FLAT EARTHERS: Bizarre trip to prove ‘end of the world’

"This is hilarious. It's got the plot of a great satire movie."

February 2019

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More than 24,000 new jobs will be created in the resources and mining industry over the next decade as Australia rides the wave of global demand.

Next boom that will spark 24,000 new jobs

"We have. We are managing to warm the planet much faster than at any time in that 5.2 billion years."

January 2019

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Think Hitler was a right-winger? You’ve clearly been brainwashed by the dastardly leftist media. Time to wake up ‘sheep-le’ and learn these truths

Eight amazing things we learned from rally supporters

"White Australian and New Zealanders commit most of the crime, well into the double digits, (that is the..."

December 2018

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Sorry everyone. This incredibly common phrase has been deemed offensive to vegans, vegetarians, women and the poor.

Common phrase now offensive

"If sayings change, it will be over time and reflect the society they come from. The origin of a lot of..."

November 2018

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After 30 years working with people who have experienced the worst types of abuse and violence, it takes a lot to shock Betty Taylor.

Family violence rising as courts 'say it's okay'

"Another 'I'm not violent so there's no problem' apologist for white male exceptionalism. What the..."

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