November 2019

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OPINION: Perrett, O'Brien, ScoMo and Trump are as bad as each other with their inconsistencies and flagrant hypocricy

Hypocrisy, thy name is conservative!

"Does anyone seriously believe that if Bill Shorten was PM, it would now be raining with no bush fires..."

September 2019

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IT'S finally happened. Coffs Harbour will be getting a bypass with tunnels. It will also feature lower gradients and low-noise pavement according to the EIS.

IT'S OFFICIAL: Coffs is getting a bypass with tunnels

"A great result, but I think our new State MP should pull his head in, with comments like this..."

August 2019

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An architect involved in the Cultural and Civic Space development has penned an op-ed stating why the city needs the $76.5 million development.

Mythbusting the Cultural and Civic Space debate

"I think that the problem is that we really don't know what this project would cost to deliver. All..."

October 2018

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What's got the Coffs Coast talking?

Industry is alarmed by political run-off on blueberries

"There appears to be a huge disconnect between the corporate blueberry farmers and the family farmers."

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