January 2019

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AROUND nine million Australians have experienced online harassment and cyberhate – I am just one of them.

1 in 3 Aussies targeted by trolls as attacks enter real life

"The simplest way to avoid 'troll comments' is NOT to open the communication. If you do not read or..."

July 2018

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April 2017

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Mobile and parked speed camera locations revealed

Speed camera sites from St Lawrence to Airlie Beach

"Totally inappropriate for the DM to assist and encourage drivers to speed between speed camera..."

January 2017

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FORMER Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has called for a “one-page” free trade deal with the UK and greater visa access for Australians post-Brexit.

Abbott calls for easy entry for Brits to Australia

"Abbott is right. So long as we only accept people who can speak English and have qualifications that..."

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CONSTRUCTING a low-emissions coal fired power plant in the greater Mackay region is the type of project John Glanville believes could be worth considering.

Push to create 'clean' coal fired power in Mackay region

"George Christensen seems to be the only politician who can see the future. The rest seem to be an..."

December 2016

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GINA Rinehart has said Australia’s politicians could learn lessons from US President-elect Donald Trump, as she told of what Australians want.

Richest woman tells politicians what Aussies really want

"When Gina Rinehart announces her support of Cary Bernardi, then you can expect some very interesting..."

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WILL Dawson MP George Christensen join Cory Bernardi's conservative revolution?

Is this the new era of the conservatives

"The topics, "conservatism, Cory Bernardi, George Christensen and Pauline Hanson" are spot on. Long may..."

July 2016

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MEMBER for Dawson George Christensen has defended a controversial call by media personality Sonia Kruger to halt Muslim immigration to Australia.

MP wants immigration restricted in wake of terror attacks

"Well said George. Keep going and do not stop."

April 2016

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FUNDING for the design and planning of Urannah Dam is just “months away”, promising to create 6000 jobs in the process

Dam funding will create 6000 jobs, says MP

"This dam will certainly grow the agricultural industries in this area but I doubt if the 6000 jobs will..."

January 2015

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A POLLING supervisor at Raceview State School says he called police to the school after Patricia Petersen ignored his requests to stop harassing voters.

Police, supervisor and Petersen clash at polling station

"Definatly a waste of paper. Labor produced advertising that had a huge photo of Campbell Newman. People..."

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