September 2019

Commented on a story 9th Sep 2019 7:45 AM

IT'S finally happened. Coffs Harbour will be getting a bypass with tunnels. It will also feature lower gradients and low-noise pavement according to the EIS.

IT'S OFFICIAL: Coffs is getting a bypass with tunnels

"Excellent news.More importantly the govt of the day have listened. A very good case study and business..."

June 2019

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A tribunal has ordered the RMS to send an appropriate representative to a mediation session at Coffs Harbour Courthouse.

Court date set for RMS to answer questions on bypass changes

"If you are not careful the whole project could be delayed and hence funding could be withdrawn and..."

April 2019

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It has cost billions of dollars and is in the home stretch in terms of completion.

Snapshot of progress on the highway: Special feature

"I feel for the people of Coffs who have waited along for this bypass to occur. I suspect that the..."

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