July 2019

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The roundabout will be rebuilt when the bypass is built, but the 2020 start date is looking shaky.

MP not convinced speed cameras are the answer

"I like the idea of their speed being shown to motorists as they approach. I do still think a speed..."

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For some it would have felt like their first day at a new school - learning where to sit, how long to talk for and finding the canteen.

Canberra crash course hits home for new pollie

"hmmm glad Pat's onto the bypass but I think no information is a total lack of transparency."

May 2019

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MR Conaghan better brace himself for a frosty reception if his bartending skills aren't up to scratch, as thirsty workers will be keen for a perfect frothy.

FROTHAGHAN: Candidate pouring cold ones in town tonight

"Hope he has an RSA? Personally hoping it will be the very last time we see him in public in Coffs."

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Andrew Fraser angry at defacing of Nats campaign office .

Nats office defaced Coffs

"I wasn’t there but I understand the postcards were attached with blutak. Hardly defacing. Me thinks he..."

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THE Prime Minister bypassed Coffs Harbour, and a firm commitment to tunnels on the bypass, and travelled to Port Macquarie instead.

PM makes a splash in Port and bypasses Coffs

"Well that's it folks. Cuttings it is unless you vote for Rob Oakeshott who is our last hope. No Rob..."

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Labor candidate Andrew Woodward slams Morrison.

PM snubs Coffs Harbour

"Competition is great. Would ScoMo even have gone to Port without Rob Oakeshott? Bypass issue too hot..."

April 2019

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Cowper's United Australia Party candidate stands by his controversial leader Clive Palmer.

Cowper candidate defends controversial leader

"Such hypocrisy. Guess where their campaign signs are created - CHINA. Clive Palmer is not about..."

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The candidates have officially been declared, and the order of the ballot has been drawn.

Eight candidates will vie for the seat of Cowper

"Looks like the people of Cowper have realised that voting strategically will bring them more than..."

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