April 2020

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March 2020

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January 2018

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Truck-related fatalities increase by 86 percent in 12 months

DICE WITH DEATH: Truck-related fatalities up

"It's disgusting that it's going to be well into 2020 by the time we have a complete dual carriageway..."

November 2017

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WEST Coffs could boast new parkland with a bike track, dog off-leash park, multi-use park and playground.

Feedback wanted for new park reserve in West Coffs

"What park(s) ,plural, have been ruined by dogs and their inconsiderate owners? "

October 2017

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THE powerful National Rifle Association has stunned some by calling for tougher regulations after the Las Vegas massacre.

Las Vegas massacre: Gun lobby's surprise response

"The NRA is so corrupt. I mean, the team problem is that's through their intense lobbying and HUGE..."

June 2017

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A man, 21, was stopped in a Coffs Harbour street and offered up a quantity of cannabis, claiming he only uses it to sleep in an alleged attempt to fool police.

Man caught with cannabis swears it's just for sleep

"Not a bad excuse & certainly plausible... except he was caught in possession of marijuana at 1.30am..."

May 2017

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COFFS Harbour City councillor Sally Townley confirmed the NSW Government was in negotiations over a multi-storey development of Crown land at the Jetty.

Jetty Foreshores to be built up on Crown land

"The Jetty should be developed, I'm not talking 10 storey high rise apartments all over the place, but..."

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A DANGEROUS surf condition warning has been issued for tomorrow.

Boaters and fishers warned of dangerous surf conditions

"South swells are blocked by South West Rocks, most 3-4m South swells only translate to 1.5m to 2m waves..."

June 2016

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The major parties are in decline and the result is a relentless race to conflate tiny differences.

ANALYSIS: Why you're already tired of the next government

"Very well said & 100% true... and it all boils down to trickle down economics.. this model is NOT..."

April 2016

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COFFS Harbour Chamber of Commerce president, George Cecato has called for the resignations of the councillors who voted against sponsoring Rally Australia.

Chamber president calls for councillors’ resignations

"George Cecato is right - they should be sacked or resign. My belief is that there are too many..."

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