Wed 9 Feb 2011

Sat 5 Feb 2011

House of Canelli

Designer Byron McGilvray’s quirky store, House of Canelli in northern NSW, offers a unique collection of the latest street and designer clothing as well as vintage...

Mon 31 Jan 2011

Wed 19 Jan 2011

Crazy Calendars

Every year we get a new one, every year we play it safe. So, this year, why not open your mind a little and get hold of one of these tasteless date makers compiled...

Wed 22 Dec 2010

Thu 16 Dec 2010

Worst Album Covers ever

Before MTV, MySpace, and viral marketing, album covers had the potential to make or break a band. So what these guys were thinking is simply beyond us.

Wed 15 Dec 2010

Picture Puzzles: amazing 3D murals

John Pugh likes to puzzle people with his 3D murals. He creates huge paintings with motives that could be there, but apparently aren’t. It pays to look twice when...

Wed 8 Dec 2010

Stars on Tape: celebrity cassette art

Artist Erika Iris Simmon's series, Ghost in the Machine, showcases a number of portraits of musicians and stars made out of recycled cassette tape with original...

Mon 6 Dec 2010

Wed 24 Nov 2010

Bad Ads: sexist vintage commercials

‘This is a man’s world’, or better said, ‘it used to be a man’s world’. At least, that’s the impression you get when you look at this mind-boggling collection of...

Wed 29 Sep 2010

Mon 20 Sep 2010

Thu 1 Oct 2009

Drown the Gown

You might call a bride who walks into a creek in her wedding dress crazy - but it's all part of a wedding trend called 'drowning the gown'.

Mon 29 Jun 2009