Youths' long trail of destruction

THE culprits behind the Sunday morning rampage moved quickly and covered a vast distance.

It was senseless destruction at its worst, where parked vehicles and even business windows were fair game.

Police responded to a dozen calls where offenders had stomped on cars and ripped roads signs from the ground and speared them through windows.

Donna Tozer woke after hearing the ruckus in Mildura Street.

“Things have been very rowdy around here recently, but there’s no way I was going to walk outside and see what was happening,” Ms Tozer said.

Her Ford Focus had a road sign speared through the two rear windows, while the back windscreen was also smashed and the mirrors damaged.

Coffs Harbour business All Diesel Equipment Sales and Service had the window of a van smashed on the corner of Mildura and Hood streets.

“Fortunately in our line of work we have been able to source a replacement window, which we will fit ourselves, but when I heard about it I was more worried about the thousands of dollars worth of tools in the van,” the company’s dealer principal Darren McAnally said.

Resident Gaylene Marshall said she heard a lot of noise about 1am, but by the time she got up to look the group had already fled.

“The police found four different shoe-prints on my car’s roof and bonnet,” Ms Marshall said.

“I count myself as one of the lucky ones."


1. Ocean Parade – Motor vehicle stomped

2. Surf Club – 4WD windscreen smashed

3. Surf Club – 22-seater bus windows smashed

4. Pet Porpoise Pool – four windows smashed

5. Orlando Street – Car damaged

6. Edgar Street – Road signs damaged

7. Englands Park – Bins overturned

8. Hood Street – Road signs through windows of two cars

9. Hood Street – Van window smashed

10. Mildura Street – Car window smashed

11. Collingwood Street – Two sedans stomped

12. Harbour Drive – Car window smashed

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