Boy goes on window-smashing spree

A YOUTH, 15, handed himself in to police this morning after smashing shopfront windows in the Coffs Harbour city centre.

The senseless vandalism spree has left Park Ave business owners fuming.

Glaziers had early morning calls to replace plate glass windows at a real estate agency, the office of a local newspaper and a popular health club.

Several other businesses were also targeted.

Police say the 15-year-old boy was drunk when he fronted at the police station after his 3.30am rampage.

Coffs/Clarence crime manager, Detective Inspector Cameron Lindsay, said the blatant disregard for business owners and the pointless thrill of damaging property was alarming.

Police confirmed the youth was being held in the care of a non-government agency in Coffs Harbour.

“In regard to this 15-year-old, police have concerns about the level of care and supervision that is being offered to him,” Insp. Lindsay said.

“When he appears before the Coffs Harbour Children’s Court on malicious damage charges, we will allege he was heavily intoxicated at the time.

“There have been a number of instances of malicious damage, vandalism and graffiti in the local area where police have had reason to question the supervision of some young offenders.

“In this case we believe the level of supervision was not adequate,” he said.

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