Is it fair to ask residents to pay to drive at Rainbow Beach?
Is it fair to ask residents to pay to drive at Rainbow Beach? Contributed

YOUR SAY: Don't charge us to enjoy our Rainbow Beach

RAINBOW Beach residents are at risk of having to pay to drive on their beach again after an investigation into beach fees was launched in State Parliament this week.

The  fee exemption for Rainbow Beach residents is under threat with a parliamentary committee report calling for an investigation into users of the exemption and a review of the permits over a two-year period.


Beach fees were introduced by the Labor state government in 2010 despite a large 4WD protest rally and community backlash in 2008 and 2009.

The Rainbow Beach driving costs being flagged back on agenda had residents all driving on the same piece of road- a big 'no' to fees. 

Beach fees for Rainbow Beach residents are back on the agenda: Should Rainbow Beach residents have to pay to drive on their beach?

Posted by Sunshine Coast Daily on Thursday, 28 May 2015

We asked  readers whether they think residents should have to pay to drive on Rainbow Beach. 
Here's some of your thoughts.  

Alison Fareham: I don't agree that residents should have to pay, but I think visitors and tourists should.

Bob Major: I bought my house here in Moorindil St, Tewantin 30 years ago to be close to the Northshore. Built up a car especially to go beach fishing in my retirement. And just when I was ready to get stuck into it they stuck the beach acsess fee on it. And so now I sit on my deck and watch everybody go past my front door going fishing up the Northshore.

Maria Elizabeth Zazzero: Driving on beaches/erosion/costs in maintaining beach..perhaps a fee if it would cover maintenance.

Phil Baker: Impossible talk. Surely.

Pete Boyd: Vehicles don't cause erosion on beaches the conditions and mother nature are the problem. If it is a gazetted public road, like it is it should be part of the registration fees like every other road. Just charge for camping fees.

Colin Jackson: They do already pay for it but if they are residents there then no they shouldn't have to should be part of their rates like every other road

Paul Wagenknecht: No one should have to pay fees to drive on a public beach where road rules apply and are enforced, all registered vehicles should have fee free access, over night camp fees annually alone I think would be more than enough to maintain beach accesses, amenities, waste removal etc.  I'm just grateful I can afford to visit such an awesome place.

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