QUICK TRIP: Will future Coffs Coast commuters catch a Virgin spaceship to join the rat race?
QUICK TRIP: Will future Coffs Coast commuters catch a Virgin spaceship to join the rat race? Contributed

Your Coffs Coast commute...and all that junk

IT isn't just bumper-to-bumper holiday traffic in the city centre that leaves Coffs Coast commuters steaming, apparently.

Negotiating Hogbin Drive at 8am or Coffs CBD in the afternoon drive hour often feels like a slow trip down Parramatta Road, even if the radio is pumping out your favourite songs.

Now comes research from Virgin Mobile declaring those locals using public transport have another take on the situation with 85 per cent declaring they would prefer a calmer commute.

Perhaps there's no surprise one in three say the journey is more stressful than getting through the day itself, especially if a P-plater decides to cut you off on the inside slip lane outside the university.

So, what is it that narks them the most on the employment day tripping?

Why, getting stuck in traffic is the pet peeve of 59 per cent, while 45 per cent are frantic at the prospect of being late.

Feeling rushed is a stressful feeling for 41 per cent and missing the bus, train or ...wait for it....ferry, is uppermost on the minds of 39 per cent.

No sign of Ferry McFerryface around these parts but then again, it could be a reference to those still fascinated by the memory of the Chinese junk which sat chained up at The Jetty for months and months during the Bicentennial year of 1988.

At the lower end of the scale, just 38 per cent worry about crowds.

However, fear not - salvation is at hand.

From the moment Sir Richard Branson launched Virgin Mobile in 2000, the company has been driven by a brand purpose of changing the game for good.

Something like what happened when the famous British knight changed the lives of hippies and vegetarians for the better when he funded Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells recordings back in 1973.

In what the company spin doctors call a "side serve of unmistakable Virgin swagger” Virgin Mobile and Smiling Mind have released The Daily Commute, a new meditation program featuring four activities designed to help Aussies on the go, ease into their day.

Available via the Smiling Mind app the new meditations encourage Aussies to take three to 10 minutes to practice mindfulness as part of their daily commute.

Choose from Taking Public Transport, Walking Mindfully, Taking Flight or Mindful Mindset as you use a train, plane, automobile - or ferry/Chinese junk - on your Coffs Coast commute.

Unfortunately, if you want to listen to Tubular Bells it means a trip to JB HiFi to buy the CD.

The Daily Commute module is now available to download for free from Google Play and the Apple App Store: smilingmind.com.au/smiling-mind-app/


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