The observation is that an event is just an event. Emotion does not exist outside of us.
The observation is that an event is just an event. Emotion does not exist outside of us. Photo Contributed

Your brain is lazy, and that's the way it should be

DID you know that the brain is lazy? While I was told that by an old teacher (and that's many years ago now), I didn't really think too much about it. Maybe that's part of the truth of his statement?

Anyway, it's not just mine that likes to take it easy and cruise. Yours does too. It likes to do the minimum amount of work because thinking uses too much energy.

The brain uses about 20% of your oxygen intake and about 25% of your kilojoule intake and that is a massive amount of energy when you consider its size. When you put it under pressure to think you can really use energy and you will likely have seen people who have burned themselves up with anxiety or stress, losing a lot of weight and making themselves ill all because of what they have been thinking about a situation, not the situation itself.

When I started studying neuroscience a few years ago I realised the real truth of how we get blinded by our perception of events and make our mind up about what we see or hear and then close it to resist other possibilities.

The interesting piece is that once we have made up our mind about some "thing" ie. a person, an event, or an action we then seek evidence to confirm what we've decided is reality rather than find ways to challenge that version of "reality". We get stuck in a loop of thinking.

If it hasn't been you, you will have certainly seen someone or know someone who has done that.

Personally, I don't and won't waste a lot of energy adding emotional fuel to create an unnecessary fire. The observation is that an event is just an event. Emotion does not exist outside of us. That being the case then emotion is a choice and that realisation means that we, or you more particularly, get to choose what is the appropriate emotion and level of emotion to bring to the event.

When you apply that level of self-control, your awareness in pretty much any situation will enable you to deal with it much more effectively.

So, take another look and make your brain work a little harder or with a little more focus rather than just react and let your emotions run unchecked.

You never know how amazing or strong you can be.

Nick Bennett is a facilitator, performance coach and partner of Minds Aligned:

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