Drivers urged to plan for schoolies

SCHOOLIES revellers heading to the Coffs Coast and beyond need to plan ahead to avoid becoming another road statistic.

That’s the message from senior police as they brace themselves for an invasion of young people in regional centres for schoolies week.

“Country roads are challenging enough for people who’ve been driving for decades. There is a genuine risk for a new driver to drive for long distances on roads they may not know, especially for extended times,” said Assistant Commissioner John Hartley.

“Young drivers should also be mindful of potential distractions – loud music, noise and a car full of passengers increase that risk.”

If you’re a young driver you should:

plan your trip;

make sure you take rest breaks every two hours or share the driving;

reduce speed when it’s raining or if weather conditions are poor, and;

Heed road signs warning of local road conditions or wildlife.

“Each driver must make a personal choice to drive responsibly and not just when they see a police car,” Mr Hartley said.

“P-licence holders must have a zero blood alcohol level and each driver is responsible for their own safety and that of their friends.”

Mr Hartley also urged parents to speak with their children before they embark on a long trip and to reinforce good driving practices.

The NSW road toll stands at 386 – that’s 14 fewer than at the same time last year.

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