Letter to the Editor - July 18: You can not eat coal, PM

THE world will convene in December to finally thrash out a deal to cut carbon pollution, which is killing the planet.

The pressure is mounting. Just in the past couple of months, global investment in new renewable energy is now greater than investment in the coal, gas and oil fossil fuels.

The world has moved beyond procrastination - it wants sensible, responsible action - now.

The Australian Climate Roundtable is a highly unusual and totally unprecedented alliance of big business, unions and environmental and civil society organisations together calling for strong climate action.

The Pope and other church leaders have called for "decisive action, here and now" to halt climate change. China and the United States have publicly accused Australia of not doing their part to fight climate change.

So what's the Abbott Government doing about this? They've already approved a massive coal mine next to the Great Barrier Reef, which is already half gone from pollution and neglect. And now a huge brand new one on the Liverpool Plains, which will ruin farmland, and leave a hole about 13km by 11km.

This could spell the end of the Great Artesian Basin.

To top it all off, (the government) is going all out to kill off the green energy, which is essential for the survival of the planet. The eyes of the world are on Australia. Something has to give.

Mal Anderson

Protests across the state call for 'justice for Bowraville'

premium_icon Protests across the state call for 'justice for Bowraville'

Rallies will be held tomorrow calling for #JusticeforBowraville

Dog destroyed after killing alpacas

premium_icon Dog destroyed after killing alpacas

Man banned from keeping dogs for life.

Have you seen this man?

Have you seen this man?

Police appeal for public assistance.

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