YIKES! Snake found slithering in and around family oven

NOW imagine it's a Monday morning. 

You, not one of the unlucky majority back at work, decide to have a calming start to the week by baking some homely treats. 

You prepare something finger-licking good only to have the living daylights scared out of you by a snake inside the oven.

A Wondai father and daughter found themselves in a similar situation and required the services of South Burnett Snake Catchers 24/7.

The daughter correctly followed instructions by South Burnett Snake Catchers 24/7 owner and operator Christian Andersen and blocked off the kitchen so the snake couldn't escape. 

"After chatting to the daughter who saw the snake, I gathered from the description she gave that it was either a yellow-faced whip snake or it could have been a common brown snake," he said. 

"I moved the oven out but there was no snake so then the father, daughter and I thought it may have been hiding actually inside the oven.

"Our suspicions were correct so the only way this snake was coming out was with some gentle persuasion. 

"So I banged the oven."

Mr Andersen referred to the catch as a "cute cheeky brown snake".

He later put out a warning on his Facebook page about people who didn't follow his instructions. 

The post read: "People, it's imperative that you watch the snake and if it moves, follow it from a safe distance. That way I know where to search for the snake.

"So please everyone try and keep an eye on the snake. I know it's a lot easier if the snake is contained in a room, inside a house but a lot of calls I go to, the snake is in their backyard or shed and the doors are wide open.

"Remember look but certainly do not touch." 

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