The great barred frog is often confused with the cane toad.
The great barred frog is often confused with the cane toad.

Yamba the cane toad frontline

THE containment lines stopping cane toads over-running NSW have for years been drawn at Yamba.

But after the discovery of one the pests here in Coffs Harbour in the botanic garden, the community has now been called into action.

Tomorrow night the Friends of the Botanic Garden will conduct a stakeout, searching for toads under torch- light.

Garden curator Ian Corbett says while the recent discovery is believed to be an isolated case, you can just never be too sure.

He says the survey aims to rule out the threat that the toad’s southern migration has brought a breeding colony to Coffs.

“Other toads have been found over the years in the area, which seem to have been creatures that hitched a ride on a vehicle from Queensland,” Mr Corbett said.

“However, bearing in mind what devastation they can cause to native wildlife, it pays to be extra vigilant – hence the survey night,” he said.

Participants attending tomorrow night’s cane toad survey should take a torch, suitable footwear and insect repellent.

A recording of the amphibian’s mating call will be played to try and attract other toads that might have found their way into the garden.

Up until recently Yamba has been considered the frontline or southern limit of the cane toad in NSW, even though the pests have been found as far south as Sydney.

The National Parks and Wildlife Service is forever wary, although warning that the coastline from Coffs Harbour to Port Macquarie is extremely vulnerable to cane toad colonisation.

Conservationists meanwhile have warned people not to confuse the cane toad with the rare great barred frog, which to the untrained eye can bear a striking resemblance.

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