Visiting yacht owners blamed for human waste at Jetty

Human waste on Jetty Beach

I AM writing to warn people who swim at Jetty Beach of the health hazard caused by yacht owners pumping their untreated human waste into the harbour.

I observed poo in the water when I was swimming at Jetty Beach some weeks ago.

This must come from boats in the harbour. I am now just recovering from an illness, which made me very weak, to me a very strong connection.

More recently two other friends separately reported seeing faeces in the water.

I do not know if the owners of boats moored in the harbour or in the marina are responsible and breaking the law.

Many people of all ages swim there and I wonder if other have become ill without realising the cause?

John Courcier


Councillors made the right decision

HOW pleased I was to hear that the Coffs Council voted against the notion to require farmers to submit a development application to engage in intensive agriculture such as blueberry production.

Food producers are already bombarded by regulation and red tape all of which adds to their cost of production; costs which are not passed on to the consumer, who expect the best product at the cheapest possible price.

Proof of this is the dollar a litre milk and pears and potatoes sold for one dollar a kilo.

With free trade agreements in a global economy Aussie farmers are becoming less competitive on global markets where production standards are less stringent.

It is likely these products will be sold on supermarket shelves especially if unneeded costs and more frustration is forced our famers.

Of course the solution is simple; buy and pay a higher price for Australian produced products, keeping Australian farmers in business.

Bill Mark, Dorrigo


School zone parking fines rile parents

IN REGARDS to Chris Judson's letter Wednesday, March 22 on (the parking fine he received in a local school zone).

Recently I had a run in with a ranger in similar circumstances.

Difference was I saw the ranger and parked legally. When I got the kids out in the rain I asked if it was necessary to be fining people for trying to keep children dry.

The ranger promptly took my photo and said they didn't have to answer as I was being aggressive. On speaking to a council officer I mentioned the word common sense.

The reply was that common sense didn't come into it. Go figure.

Peter Tarran

Relief for students after HSC change

Relief for students after HSC change

HSC now within reach for all students after amendment

Forestry head reveals key points of Coffs RFA forum

Forestry head reveals key points of Coffs RFA forum

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School unveils unique new 'nature-based' playground

School unveils unique new 'nature-based' playground

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