Writing was on a cracking wall

WHEN David Furlonger heard a crack on Friday night, he knew exactly what it meant.

“We've been trying to get it fixed for years and it all came to a head in the rain,” Mr Furlonger said.

On Friday night, heavy rain collected in the ceiling of unit 9's garage which cracked under the pressure, resulting in the annex breaking and leaving a tottering wall so hazardous that when SES crews came out on Saturday the wall was immediately classified as unsafe.

And the only surprise to Mr Furlonger is that no-one got hurt.

“If the wall goes it's like a tide sucking it all out, the whole block of units would be affected,” he said.

“We heard it crack on Friday night and I know it's kept some of the residents up, since we didn't know if it was all going to go or not.”

Mr Furlonger praised local SES crews, who responded promptly on Saturday and shored up the annex temporarily.

But Mr Furlonger said residents have been aware of how unsafe the wall has been for years, even going so far as to warn their children not to play near it.

“This has gone beyond a joke and the body corporate has been contacted repeatedly since 2005,” he said.

“Why didn't they do something?”

The Advocate contacted the body corporate, SMS Coffs Harbour, who declined to comment.

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