WOULDN'T it be nice to become $21 million richer tonight?

Today is the last chance this year for Gold Lotto players to share in a super-sized prize pool - more than five times larger than the weekly offer.

With $21 million on offer, there is still time to play for the chance to share in the excitement ahead of the seventh Superdraw event of the year.

Since the jackpot was announced Toowoomba residents have been streaming into Hartley's News and Casket on Ruthven St to buy a ticket.

Owner Mark Dawson said the larger the jackpot the more people it attracted.

"Once it gets up to a reasonable size it attracts a lot of interest," he said.

"People like to dream so they see $21 million and picture themselves having a go and winning.

"It has been a busy week and you see a lot of people you wouldn't normally see.

"You get a lot of first time lotto ticket buyers and its a good chance to educate people on how it all works."

He said most people tell him the first thing they would spend their money on was a holiday.

"A lot of people tell me they would go on a big holiday first," he said.

"I would too if I were fortunate enough to win.

"Buying a ticket gives you a licence to dream."

Hartley's News and Casket has sold second division lotto tickets in the past and Mr Dawson said he hoped to sell the jackpot.

"Selling the second division tickets is nice but it would be great to sell a first division ticket," he said.

Hartley's News and Casket is open from 6am to 3pm today at 487 Ruthven St.

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