IN THE words of Touch Football Australia CEO, Colm Maguire, this morning's opening ceremony and first matches of the 2015 FIT Touch World Cup were 'fist pump" moments.

"We had our first fist pump moment which was our Australian contingent dinner. The launch last week in Sydney was another one," Mr Maguire said.

"Today in terms of the opening ceremony is one more fist pump but nothing compares to what Sunday will be like because you wake up on Sunday morning not just worrying about delivering a good event, you worry about all the people and the planning you do for your Australian contingent and you want to see every single one of them win."

The opening ceremony was held in bright sunshine. A welcome situation considering last night's storm and the predicted heavy rain over the next couple of days as an East Coast Low develops off the NSW North Coast.

For the TFA CEO, watching the players and officials march onto the C.ex Coffs International Stadium turf behind their respective nation's flags was a moment of great pride.

"It was absolutely fantastic wasn't it? The sun was out, the parachutist landed, so it was fantatstic," he said.

"After so much planning, to see all those nations in reality here in Coffs Harbour was just incredible." 

Once the ceremony was over, it was time to get down to some action on the field.

It didn't take long for the first upset to be recorded either.

Papua New Guinea didn't even field a men's open team at the last Touch World Cup but in the opening round of matches, PNG upset the seventh-ranked English team with a thrilling 5-4 win.

Played in Coffs Harbour

Men's Open
11.30am: France bt Malaysia 8-5
11.30am: New Zealand bt USA 19-2
11.30am: Japan bt Singapore 11-2
11.30am: Australia bt Wales 22-0
11.30am: Papua New Guinea bt England 5-4
11.30am: South Africa bt Ireland 11-2
11.30am: Samoa bt Scotland 5-4
11.30am: Cook Islands bt Fiji 7-6
2.50pm: Japan bt Cook Islands 5-4
2.50pm: Wales bt Malaysia 7-3
2.50pm: Papua New Guinea bt USA 11-8
2.50pm: South Africa bt Scotland 17-4
2.50pm: Australia bt France 18-0
2.50pm: Samoa bt Ireland 10-3
2.50pm: New Zealand bt England 11-2
2.50pm: Fiji bt Singapore 15-6
6.10pm: Fiji bt Japan 8-6
6.10pm: South Africa bt Samoa 6-1
6.10pm: France bt Wales 3-1
6.10pm: Scotland bt Ireland 7-4
6.10pm: Australia bt Malaysia 23-0
6.10pm: Cook Islands bt Singapore 12-4
7.00pm: New Zealand bt Papua New Guinea 9-2
7.00pm: England drew with USA 2-all

Women's Open
12.20pm: Japan bt USA 10-3
12.20pm: Singapore bt Fiji 11-1
12.20pm: France bt Philippines 10-1
12.20pm: England drew with Papua New Guinea 5-all
12.20pm: Australia bt Scotland 27-0
12.20pm: New Zealand bt Samoa 18-0
3.40pm: England bt Wales 5-3
3.40pm: Singapore drew with South Africa 6-all
3.40pm: Samoa bt Philippines 11-5
3.40pm: Australia bt Japan 24-1
3.40pm: New Zealand bt France 25-0
3.40pm: USA bt Scotland 6-3
7.00pm: Japan bt Scotland 11-1
7.00pm: South Africa bt Fiji 14-0
7.00pm: Papua New Guinea bt Wales 6-4
7.00pm: New Zealand bt Philippines 23-0
7.00pm: France bt Samoa 7-3
7.00pm: Australia bt USA 20-0

Mixed Open

1.10pm: France bt Germany 15-2
1.10pm: New Zealand bt Fiji 17-3
1.10pm: United Arab Emirates bt Italy 6-5
1.10pm: Singapore bt Chile 6-5
1.10pm: Australia bt Japan 11-3
1.10pm: Papua New Guinea bt South Africa 9-6
2.00pm: Philippines bt  Netherlands 11-7
2.00pm: England bt Hong Kong 8-1
2.00pm: Samoa bt Wales 14-9
2.00pm: Niue bt China 9-4
4.30pm: Chile bt Fiji 7-5
4.30pm: France bt South Africa 10-6
4.30pm: Australia bt Italy 21-1
4.30pm: New Zealand bt Singapore 12-3
4.30pm: Japan bt United Arab Emirates 9-1
4.30pm: Papua New Guinea bt Germany 15-1
5.20pm: England bt USA 10-2
5.20pm: Wales bt Netherlands 3-1
5.20pm: Scotland bt Niue 8-5
5.20pm: Samoa bt Philippines 6-5
7.50pm: Japan bt Italy 13-1
7.50pm: South Africa bt Germany 15-0
7.50pm: Australia bt United Arab Emirates 15-0
7.50pm: Fili bt Singapore 7-6
7.50pm: New Zealand bt Chile 16-0
7.50pm: Papua New Guinea bt France 9-4
8.40pm: Scotland bt China 10-5
8.40pm: Philippines bt Wales 5-2
8.40pm: USA bt Hong Kong 6-2
8.40pm: Samoa bt Netherlands 8-4


Women's 27s
2.00pm: Australia bt New Zealand 8-4
2.00pm: France bt Scotland 6-2
7.50pm: New Zealand bt England 6-2
8.40pm: Australia bt Scotland 16-0

Men's 30s
11.30am: Japan bt England 6-5
11.30am: Australia bt Cook Islands 16-2
11.30am: USA bt Papua New Guinea 11-5
2.00pm: Fiji drew with Cook Islands 7-all
2.50pm: USA bt England 5-4
2.50pm: Australia bt Papua New Guinea 15-3
5.20pm: Cook Islands bt Japan 8-3
6.10pm: Australia bt USA 17-0
6.10pm: England drew with Fiji 4-all

Men's 35s
2.00pm: France bt Papua New Guinea 13-5
2.00pm: New Zealand bt Japan 17-1
2.00pm: Australia bt Fiji 19-2
5.20pm: New Zealand bt France 11-4
5.20pm: Australia bt Papua New Guinea 16-1
5.20pm: Japan bt Fiji 5-4

Mixed Senior
12.20pm: New Zealand bt Netherlands 23-0
12.20pm: England bt Niue 14-0
1.10pm: Australia bt Singapore 21-0
3.40pm: New Zealand bt Singapore 20-0
3.40pm: Australia bt Niue 18-1
3.40pm: England bt Netherlands 16-5 

Men's 40s
1.10pm: Niue bt Fiji 9-2
1.10pm: England drew with Japan 5-all
1.10pm: Wales bt USA 10-4
1.10pm: New Zealand bt Singapore 16-1
4.30pm: Wales bt Fiji 11-3
4.30pm: New Zealand bt USA 15-1
4.30pm: Australia bt Singapore 20-0
4.30pm: England bt Niue 6-1

Men's 50s
12.20pm: Australia bt Japan 17-0
12.20pm: Italy bt Niue 11-2
3.40pm: Ireland bt Japan 10-0
3.40pm: Australia bt Niue 21-1
8.40pm: Italy bt Ireland 5-2

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