MEETING: Labor Senator Jenny McAllister.
MEETING: Labor Senator Jenny McAllister. LUKAS COCH

Working women want a fair deal

MANY times we are asked, what do women want? It is a rather worn out cliché nowadays.

The real answer is not just one simple thing, but myriad complex issues.

Local women met with Senator Jenny McAllister last weekend in an attempt to influence policy at parliamentary level. While affordable housing and superannuation were on everyone's lips, the women were realistic that there will not be rapid change.

However, if we don't start somewhere, at some time in history, then we will never achieve equitable access or opportunity. Equity is different to equal.

Equity by definition is "the quality of being fair and impartial” or "freedom from bias or favouritism”. Women do not expect governments and employers to shelve out more money to bring about equity, but that women are dealt a fair share of the same economic pie. Research is showing women in senior management and above can boost an organisation's performance (Peterson Institute for International Economics - Is Gender Diversity Profitable? Evidence from a Global Survey).

In acting upon this premise, smart organisations are now practising less discriminatory recruitment policies that result in the best being selected. No need for quotas if you want a competitive edge.

BPW (Business and Professional Women) Coffs Harbour is part of a global organisation that is dedicated to women's empowerment, with gender equity as one of its main platforms. BPW will host its annual scholarship dinner on Tuesday, June 13 at Sawtell RSL with Jane Phillips, Professor of Nursing UTS, as guest speaker on Australia and the role of public companies in strengthening Australia's future.

Catherine's presentation will also shed light on other Coffs Harbour individuals who are now leaders in the multinational business world. For more information phone Andrea Cross on 0405395952 or email; or book through

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