HEY MUMMA: What's harder, stay-at-home mum or working full time?

Working full time and being a mum just as hard as each other

HERVEY Bay's Zjena Jakab is a mother of four and she knows what it is like to do the hard yards. 

She worked full time running a cleaning business, was a regional manager and went to tafe one day a week, studying most nights, all while renovating the family home.  

"My kids still had manners and my home was clean, it is hard but you can do it," she said. 

She said time management was the key. 

We asked our Facebook followers what's harder, being a mum, or full-time work?

Kate Miles believes full time working and being a mum at the same time can be quite trying.

"You do what you have to and balance both to the best of your abilities and try to remember you're only human.

"Both are hard together and separately...can't compare the two sometimes," she said. 

Working mum
Working mum

Maryborough's Sherron McTaggart thinks being a being a mum is harder than working full time because there is no 'knock off time.'

"You are on call all hours of the day," she said. 


She takes her hat off to working mother's.

Bekki Boo Sutcliffe finds working full time and being a single parent a constant juggle between meeting expectations of a workplace with the realities of raising your child.

"Work life balance can leave no "downtime"," Bekki said. 

Cj Jones believes the answer to the question is a 'no brainer.'

"Mums have multiple roles, no sick days, no holiday pay, no rdos, no set hours, no unions... Need I continue?"

Olivia Arthur thinks both jobs are just as hard as each other. 

"People who do either deserve respect," she said. 

Kayla Phillips is busy as a mum, worker and she studies.

"Everyone is in different situations with their own challenges," she said. 

Kelly Lord and Jodie Baker both think being a full time working mum is the toughest. 

Cathryn Goldstone has been on both sides of the fence over the past 12 months and she said both are just as hard in different ways. 

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