Women’s Soccer at BCU Stadium.
Women’s Soccer at BCU Stadium. Rob Wright

Women the focus in 2011

NORTH Coast Football (NCF) will close the office today to begin the Christmas break, but club bosses will have plenty to ponder during the holidays.

NCF Operations Manager Bob Harris said the board had signed-off on a new competition structure for the 2011 season affecting the grades underpinning the premier league, but some of the most important strategies would encompass more promotion of women’s football.

“We’ll endeavour to create a first and second tier structure for the girls but naturally, this will depend on the nominations received by the cut-off date on February 28 next year,” he said.

“The women’s game just grows and grows and we have to do everything possible to assist that growth.”

NCF president Peter Rowe also revealed a new promotion-relegation system would be introduced later in the year.

“After the situation with Yamba struggling to be competitive throughout the season, it became obvious what we had in place wasn’t working,” he said.

“So the bottom side in first division will play the top side in second division eligible for promotion on the weekend of the inter-district championship matches.

“Only then will it be decided if there is to be a change in 2012 and if so, which one goes through.”

The FFA National Youth Championships for both boys and girls will again be held at BCU International Stadium, the final time under the current contract.

Already the proposal for a three-year extension until 2015 is being prepared but it’s been suggested a rival bid from the Gold Coast may be forthcoming.

Further, the current format of having the boys compete in the under-14 and 15 years divisions may be scrapped in favour of lower age groups, possibly 12s and 13s.

Business will resume with the ‘all clubs’ meeting at Woolgoolga on January 30



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