Women now the majority on council

IN the wake of the local government elections, one Coffs Coast council now has a majority of women members.

Newly elected mayor of Nambucca Shire Rhonda Hoban said the new council makeup of five women and four men is not a statement on feminism but rather a reflection of the voting public.

“It's clear the voters had confidence that women are capable of being good representation, otherwise they wouldn't have voted that way,” Cr Hoban said.

“But I believe ratepayers voted for people who are capable and efficient, and not because of their gender.”

Cr Hoban said while she's not a card-carrying feminist, the female councillors Elaine Smith, Janet Court, Paula Flack and Anne Smyth would provide a balance to male councillors Mike Moran, Brian Finlayson, John Ainsworth and Martin Ballangarry.

“Women perhaps take a different approach to problem solving and it will be interesting to see how the men interact with the women on council,” she said.

“But I didn't stand for council to prove a woman can do it, I want to do something for our shire, to ensure financial sustainability and a better quality of life for Nambucca.”

Cr Hoban said 'there is always room for improvement' and she is looking forward to what her term in office will bring.

“If there's a job to be done, I'll do it,” Cr Hoban said.

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