House fire at Leichhardt

VIDEO: Woman tried to fight fire with garden hose

THE spate of house fires continued in Ipswich yesterday and thankfully once again no one was seriously injured.

This time a mum at home alone tried to stop flames engulfing her rental home at Leichhardt by using a garden hose.

She was forced to flee down the driveway to safety as the heat of the fire blew out windows when flames consumed the fibro home.

Her husband, a truck driver, was working and their seven children were at school at the time the fire broke out.

Brassall station officer Bob Ironside said the home was gutted by the fire but crews managed to contain the blaze and protect neighbouring homes.

"When we arrived it was fully involved. All we could do was protect the lines either side," he said.


House under guard as police try to determine cause of fire

Four fires in 10 days sparks warning

"Once we could control that a bit we could actually make some inroads into getting in and knocking the fire out from inside. We had a problem with water supply at first until we got a third feed into it but we had it under control quickly."

The family had moved into the Sturt St rental home early this year.

Police cordoned off the area after sparks were seen in the overhead powerlines and black smoke filled the neighbourhood.


Neighbour and home owner Andrew Gillanders said the experience was "unsettling" and praised firefighters for their quick response.

"I didn't notice it until the house was well alight but I managed to get the car out to safety," he said.

Across the road Robert McKendrick phoned 000 and evacuated.

"I heard banging and I came out and the right hand side of the front room was on fire. Police told us to either get inside or leave."

Police were treating the Leichhardt fire as suspicious and kept the scene under guard through the afternoon as investigators carried out inspections.

A Channel Nine report last night alleged the family has been involved in three house fires since 2011.

House fire in Sturt St, Leichhardt. Photo credit: Robert McKendrick. Photo Contributed
House fire in Sturt St, Leichhardt. Photo credit: Robert McKendrick. Photo Contributed Contributed


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