Woman guilty of assault

A WOMAN, who assaulted a Coffs Harbour store keeper after knocking over a clothing rack and ruining a $120 dress has been placed on a 12-month good-behaviour bond.

Sarah Patricia Markwick, 23, has been found guilty on charges of assault, affray and destroying property in the Coffs Harbour Local Court.

The offences follow an incident outside a fashion outlet in the Coffs Harbour Mall on Tuesday, March 9 at 4.20pm.

Markwick and her 27-year-old de facto husband, were looking at clothing at the time outside shopfronts in Harbour Drive.

The court was told the accused stumbled and dropped a can of vodka on the ground.

As she fell she grabbed the clothing rack, pulled it over and the designer dress in question fell into the spilt alcohol.

Markwick then began to abuse the 33-year-old female shopkeeper saying: “This is all your @#*$&^! fault,” before things escalated and the woman was assaulted.

Police told the court the shopkeeper’s husband, 38, came to her aid.

He was then allegedly attacked by the 27-year-old partner of the accused, and had his head slammed against a glass window.

The couple who instigated the dispute walked away from the scene arguing between themselves.

It appears they then turned on each other when Markwick was allegedly knocked unconscious in the mall after she was head butted by her partner, who is still before the courts on related charges.

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