23 Jul 2002 : Generic photo of spilt bottle of red wine making a map of Australia - liquid
23 Jul 2002 : Generic photo of spilt bottle of red wine making a map of Australia - liquid

Woman fined for repeat intoxicated incidents in Rocky CBD

REPEAT acts of intoxicated disturbing behaviour in the Rockhampton CBD area, including throwing a wheelie bin on to the road and yelling to spook horses, has led one woman to spend a night in the watch house.

Tammy Lee Malcolm, 33, pleaded guilty on November 5 in Rockhampton Magistrates Court to 10 charges including public nuisance, contravening police direction, contravening police requirement, possess used syringe not safely disposed, possess dangerous drugs, consume alcohol in a public place and fail to appear in court.

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Peter Rumford said police located the defendant at 12.15am on November 5 on Bolsover St, intoxicated, at the bus stop between Denham and William St.

He said the defendant picked up a wheelie bin and threw it into the middle of the road, then yelled and swore at others at the bus stop.

Snr Constable Rumford said Malcolm was consuming a large bottle of wine at the time and police asked her to tip out the wine, to which she responded with “f--- off”.

He said police then asked her to provide her full name, which she responded by mouthing the word “pussy”.

In another incident, Malcolm was with a group of people on the Fitzroy River at the boardwalk near The Boathouse.

Police attended about 3.20pm and observed many having raised voices.

Malcolm interrupted police while they were talking to others, and stood between them.

Snr Cons Rumford said the commotion caused patrons of the Boathouse to look at the group.

He said Malcolm was asked to step back three times and then issued her a move on direction which she did not comply with.

She was arrested.

On July 4, police were searching Malcolm after a public nuisance offence – she was running down the middle of Denham St yelling and screaming to make a horse bolt – when they found a syringe in the right pocket of her hoodie.

Inside her wallet were MDMA capsules.

Malcolm had a 10-page criminal record.

Defence lawyer Pierre Lammersdorf said Malcolm, a mother of four, had been raised up with alcoholic and drug addicted parents who started supplying her with marijuana when she was four years old and alcohol when she was 10.

He said she never went to school.

Mr Lammersdorf said Malcolm’s last drug conviction was in 2013 and she had the support of her cousins in court.

Magistrate Cameron Press said Malcolm had managed to keep herself away from drugs for some time and he did not want to see her go down the path where she goes back to the riverbank and creates another public nuisance issue near businesses which pay a lot of money for rent.

He ordered her to 18 months probation and fines of $700 with convictions recorded.

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