A collision between a silver Subaru SUV and a highway patrol car near Sheehan's Lane at Tyndale.
A collision between a silver Subaru SUV and a highway patrol car near Sheehan's Lane at Tyndale. Tony Payne

Woman enters plea over crash with police vehicle at Tyndale

THE woman who was behind the wheel of a car that slammed head-on into a parked Highway Patrol vehicle at Tyndale last year has appeared in Maclean Local Court this week.

Sandra May Fisk, 66, pleaded guilty to negligent driving and driving with a child not restrained in court on Wednesday, with her matter adjourned to June 11 for sentence.

According to police facts, on December 16 last year a fully marked NSW Police Traffic and Highway Patrol vehicle was parked on the Pacific Highway at Tyndale conducting speed checks.

Fisk had left her Iluka home that morning and had her two grandchildren, aged six and seven, in the vehicle with her. Police facts indicate Fisk had been driving for about 30 minutes when she passed through Tyndale at about 9.05am.

As Fisk was travelling through Tyndale, witnesses reported the vehicle slowly crossed from the southbound lane onto the northbound side of the road and onto the shoulder of the road and collided heavily with the stationary police vehicle.

The Highway Patrol car was pushed 20m back from its position and both vehicles were extensively damaged.

At the scene of the crash Fisk told police she did not remember what happened, or that a collision had even taken place. She said she didn't feel tired, had no medical issues and was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Police also found the six-year-old was not restrained in a child seat as required by law.

NSW Police crash scene investigators found no tyre marks to suggest Fisk had applied the brakes before the crash, and found gouge marks in the highway from the debris of the crash.

Investigators indicated either a lapse of concentration or Fisk falling asleep at the wheel were the likely causes of the crash.

The seven-year-old child required minor surgery following the crash, while Fisk and the six-year-old were treated for minor injuries.

The Traffic and Highway Patrol officer in the vehicle at the time of the crash suffered rib, knee and back injuries as well as psychological damage.

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