Man jailed, woman left ‘humiliated’ after rape


WEARING a hoodie, home-made mask with eye holes cut out and leather gloves, the 21-year-old entered the home of his 63-year-old neighbour after her husband had left for the morning.

He dragged her from the chair where she was sitting in the lounge and forced her face down on the ground pulling her nightdress over her head.

He used his weight to hold her down and used duct tape to bind her hands behind her back so tightly they turned blue.

When he attempted to force cloth in her mouth she asked him not to, so he didn't. While she was on the ground, restrained and helpless, he raped her.

"It's clear this was a pre-meditated incident on your part," Judge Brad Farr SC said to the now 22-year old being sentenced for three counts of rape and one count of enter premises with intent.

The Pioneer Valley man had brought items with him that he used during the sexual assault.

In a victim impact statement tendered in the District Court in Mackay, the woman said she was "terrified" and had felt "degraded and humiliated" ever since.

"This offending represents the worst nightmare for women," crown prosecutor Judy Geary said.

Defence barrister Bronwyn Hartigan said the man had learned of his parents' marriage break down and the reason behind it just days before.

He began using methylamphetamines at 19 and moved onto smoking ice almost every weekend and some week days.

Ms Hartigan argued against a serious violent offender declaration and submitted the man could be instead ordered to serve 50% of his sentence instead of the usual one third.

However, Judge Farr said the woman's restraint was significant and declared him a serious violent offender.

The man will serve 80% of an eight-year jail sentence for rape.

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