Parachute Youth.
Parachute Youth.

Without a net: Parachute Youth

THEY'RE quietly poised on the edge of something huge.

Parachute Youth's first released single, Can't Get Better Than This - and one of the first tracks the band ever wrote - was the first song played by Triple J to kick off 2012.

The hype hasn't stopped rolling since.

Before meeting at a house party in 2010, Matt K Von And Jonny Castro made all kinds of music - hip hop beats, house, electronica.

But getting together was the switch that flipped them into something special.

"We had written three other songs that were just sort of fun," Jonny said.

"To be honest we just told ourselves to forget about genres and what should sound like what and totally explored with what we had."

The result was Can't Get Better Than This - a haunting tale of bassy synths and spacy vocals.

Matt's trip to Paris changed it up again for Parachute Youth, propelling them into new music circles and - as travel always does - expanding the mind.

"Matt moved to Paris, for him it was really something he personally wanted to do, he had friends over there and really made the most of the experience and came back bursting with ideas and the friendship with Julian [Paolini, French film director] which lead to the clip [for Can't Get Better Than This] being made in Burkina Faso," Jonny said.

Parachute Youth's thoroughly different take on a traditional film clip is currently doing the rounds, with over two-million views on Youtube and a buzz of award nominations.

Filmed in the landlocked West African nation of Burkina Faso, the film clip takes a look at an annual motorbike race in Ouagadougou.

"The race is an actual event and Julian told Matt about this in Paris; it just worked as a concept and we all felt very strong about it," Jonny said.

The unusual choice of subject matter works really well with the song, and it's a great example of what's making Parachute Youth stand out - a philosophy that they apply to their music, as well.

"We don't really think of a genre to fit into," Jonny said.

"We just aim for sincerity and something that reflects where we are in our current lives. To be honest I think that's what people connect with in Can't Get Better Than This."

The guys said they came into their own style through exploration and actively trying to not be limited by genre.

"People limit themselves a lot creatively when they just try to emulate something else - but there is nothing wrong with being inspired, which is something different," Jonny said.

After a couple of years on the road, it's easy to wonder when the album's going to come out - it's definitely eagerly awaited - but Parachute Youth reckon they're going to keep tweaking until they get it right.

"We are really developing as song writers and producers and we aren't going to rush our debut album, but we can assure you that new music is coming out very soon," said Jonny.

In the meantime Parachute Youth are using their live gigs to debut new tracks.

"Our sets are full of energy and are constantly evolving; people can expect to hear new music they haven't heard like Count To Ten, If I Knew Better, We Are The Future, Where is My Best Friend and Run Away," Jonny said.

"Some of the songs we have made are now interludes for doing keyboard solos and creating arp'd [arpeggiated] lines on the MS20. Hearing powerful synths soar live is really something at a show."

Parachute Youth float into Coffs Hotel on Friday night.

Check out the WIN box over the page for tickets.

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