Will Genia
Will Genia Jonathan Wood / Getty Images

Will Genia lit up a sea of red against the Sharks

FRIDAY night was a cracker!

I was a guest of the Queensland Rugby Union at Friday night's Reds versus Sharks' game.

And what a night it was.

From high up in the president's box, apart from the enjoying the five star food, bevvies and company, it gave me another viewing point to asses Will Genia's play.

And let me tell you, the bloke is good.

World class good. He has it all as a halfback.

His pass is crisp and on target.

His defence is strong, and he controls the game like no other.

And his running game is simply spectacular.

You put those together, and you've got yourself the most complete halfback Australia has produced.

That is not hyperbole or overstating his importance.

His value to Queensland and Australian rugby is enormous.

Australia has produced some world class halfbacks - Nick Farr-Jones, George Gregan, Ken Catchpole and John Hipwell, for example.

And Will Genia is up the front of that line, for mine.

His greatest asset is his ability to control his team's play.

Watching him work his magic from high up gave me opportunity to truly evaluate the strength of his game.

And the way he marshalled the play was impressive.

His cross kick for Rod Davies' try was ludicrously gifted.

And he unleashes his backs only when the time is right.

Cooper, for example, only gets the ball when it is was 100% correct, and in the best possible time.

It's no coincidence that Cooper plays his best footy when serviced by Genia.

We rugby lovers are blessed with the ability to watch him ply his trade.

Queensland and Australian rugby is lucky to have him.

The vantage point also allowed me to experience how strong Queensland rugby has become.

Not only was the crowd impressive in number (more than 30,000 for a game against a South African team is testimony to the renewed vigour of the game in the Sunsine state), but it was literally a sea of red.

I think I was the only person without some Reds' merchandise on.

For mine, merchandise sales are a valuable tool in judging the strength of your sporting brand.

When people are proud enough to wear the gear in significant numbers, like Friday night, you know things are going right in the right direction.

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