LISA Wilkinson has returned to hosting duties on Today this morning, admitting she still feels "a bit ordinary" after her holiday from hell.  

The broadcaster slipped and fell getting out of the shower during her European jaunt, suffering a nasty break in her hand.  

She told co-host Karl Stefanovic she was feeling "A bit ordinary... Which is why I didn't make it in yesterday. I'm sorry about that everyone."  

Lisa Wilkinson returns to air, cast in hand.
Lisa Wilkinson returns to air, cast in hand. Channel 9

 "It's lovely to be back. I'm not a great patient at home. [Husband and son] Pete and Billy have been doing everything for me.

Big shout out to everyone who is in hospital or feeling bit poorly at the moment and all of their carers, I have a new love and respect for what you are going through every day."  

The 57-year-old journalist took to Instagram yesterday to post a photo with the family dog and to announce she was heading back to her hosting gig at Today.  

And despite Wilkinson's holiday definitely not going to plan, the time off seemed to have done the Today host wonders as she sat with the family dog looking fresh-faced.  

"Stunning Lisa," one of 211,000 followers wrote.  

Last month, the 57-year-old journalist showed up to her hosting gig at Todaywith a cast on her left arm after she finally decided to get surgery for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, a painful condition that left her battling sleepless nights for the past 20 years.  

"Basically my arm was going dead when I woke up in the morning. I'd wake up and have pins and needles, but it's been getting worse and worse and worse to the point where for the last two months I haven't been able to sleep for much more than an hour at a time every night because my arm is just completely dead," she told her co-host Ben Fordham.  

And then, less than a month after her surgery, Wilkinson headed to Europe for a two-week holiday with her family.   It was when Wilkinson decided to take a quick shower that she slipped over and painfully landed on her right arm.  

"The pain was like a red hot dagger stabbing into my right wrist. Urgent phone calls. Bucket-loads of ice. Gobbled painkillers. More agony than I've ever felt, outside of childbirth," she wrote for The Huffington Post.

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