Elderly widow robbed, alone and distraught

LETTER OF THE DAY: As a regular visitor to Toowoomba I have always returned to Melbourne praising your many attributes, however this time I had a disappointing experience.

Whilst enjoying a pleasant walk through the Queens Park I approached an elderly lady who appeared distressed, she asked me where the nearest church was because she needed help.

Naturally I was concerned and she told me her story - during the week her home had been burgled and vandalised and her last $5 had been taken and she had no money until pension day next week and she did not feel safe in her own home.

Police had said nothing could be done; neighbours had said she should stay inside to protect her remaining possessions and when she spoke to her landlord he suggested she should move.


Her husband had died a month ago and she did not know where to go for help. Teenagers had been seen on her property in the previous week.

What lowlife could do this to a 78-year-old widowed pensioner? Surely if it was perpetrated by teenager/s, the police would want to catch them before they feel the police force is ineffective and that criminals don't get caught.

What about providing a list of organisations which would help with food and advice?

In this day and age there must be some wiz-bang device, supported by a friendly nearby wi-fi that can be secreted in order to observe her home, at least for a limited period until her confidence returns.

Isn't there a local social services worker/student willing to take on the plight of elderly in order to minimise the distress of elderly victims of crime in your fair city?

I have just finished reading "No Country for Old Men", please don't let your city become the location for a sequel.

  • ALLAN SUNDBERY, Melbourne

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