A panorama of the Jetty Foreshores from Edinburgh St taken this week.
A panorama of the Jetty Foreshores from Edinburgh St taken this week. Trevor Veale

'We want our water views back'

GARRY Costa said he moved here 12 years ago to be close to his parents and for the stunning coastline.

"I do not understand why no-one is allowed to see the water," Mr Costa wrote.

"I can see the water at Macaulay's Headland car park but then nothing until you get to Coffs Creek. Then nothing - no view - till you get to below the fishing club.

"What the? Every town or city from Wollongong to the Sunshine Coast that is on the water takes full advantage of the foreshores and the views. It is not just Beacon Hill that needs improving it's our whole foreshore."

Online reader buster also wants change.

"I suggest Andrew Fraser step up on this issue and get the view back," he wrote.

"It was one of the tourist features of Coffs and now it is wiped out by more radical and uncalled for legislation. Surely an exception can be found for removing vegetation that was planted in the first place especially now that the Greens don't control government.

Scarramanga from Sapphire Beach wrote that unless you are a bird or a tree there are minimal views from the northern end of Park Beach through to the southern end of Jetty Beach.

"You would expect this area to be not only more tourist friendly but be also more useable for locals."

He wrote that the barbecue area at the Jetty may as well be out west.

"If parents are at a bbq and water is around they want to be able to see if their children run off towards the potential danger. Coffs used to compare its growth to Tweed Heads (always going to end in tears) than Port (go and have a look at Town Green) and the southern suburbs and Ballina will be the next to overtake us.

"A lot of the people over the years who have had influence have been the ones happy to secure their parcel of land and then oppose any further development. That selfish attitude is unsustainable and Coffs Harbour will continue to struggle."

It should be pointed out that not all our letter writers are so committed to views over vegetation.

Mark Dudgeon said the Beacon Hill vegetation should only be managed for air travel safety, general hazard reduction and weed infestation, but not for improving the view.

"What about the value of bushland? With current issues including global warming, the 'carbon crisis' and habitat loss/diminishing biodiversity due to urban sprawl, don't we need to conserve our natural areas (at their full potential), more than ever? The view hasn't gone anywhere, you just need to change your vantage point!"

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