WHISPERS: Rude awakening for sleepy late worker

MIDDLE Ridge man works the night shift and enjoys a sleep-in until about 10am each day.

So when his alarm rang out at 8am it's safe to say he wasn't too impressed.

Reaching out from his bed, he banged his hand down hard on the clock radio at the side of his bed to no avail - the incessant beeping continuing.

After more banging and clanging without success, he thought "I'll fix it once and for all" and yanked the alarm clock plug out of the wall.

Despite sitting on the edge of the bed with cord in hand, the alarm clock beeping continued.

In a fit of rage, he grabbed the clock radio and was just about to throw it out the bedroom window when he spotted a flashing light.

The alarm bells were actually coming from his mobile phone behind the clock radio.

No yolk

HANDY tip for the week: do not microwave eggs to speed up the boiling process.

Finding herself with an oversupply of eggs, lass turned to the tried and true method of boiling them to keep in the fridge for an easy protein hit.

But with boiling taking some time and finding herself peckish, lass thought she'd speed up the process and put one of the eggs in the microwave just to make sure it was ready for consumption.

The lass put the peeled egg in the microwave and, after less than a minute, plucked it from inside - only for it to explode.

Seen better days

BEING excited about half-priced Chobani yoghurt didn't last long for one Toowoomba woman.

In fact, her feelings soon turned to horror.

Trying to stick to her New Year's resolution of being healthy she filled her trolley with eight squeeze tubes of blueberry yoghurt.

The next day while sitting at her desk she was happily eating her morning yoghurt, not thinking anything of it.

It tasted the same as all other blueberry Chobani yoghurt, albeit it was a little runny at the start - but nothing to concern her.

For some reason when she had finished the entire tube, she looked at the use by date - December 21, 2018. It was 19 days old.

She phoned the supermarket and they quickly issued a refund and gave her new, and in-date yoghurts as a replacement. As nice as the supermarket was, she was still concerned all day that the yoghurt would quickly find a way out of her body.

Luckily, she was fine except for a few tummy churns.

Cat's lighter side

RELUCTANT cat owner is questioning whether her pet received a personality transplant when he got desexed as the post-op kitty has turned into quite the goof.

Where once the cat was simply a food disposal unit without any notion of being playful, it has now become immensely intrigued by his own tail.

His human has noticed in recent weeks the kitty will suddenly wake from his dead-to-the-world slumber and begin intensely chasing his tail.

While he frequently catches it, it's often at the cost of his cat-skills and falls off the furniture which he's claimed as his own.

After no more than two minutes, the cat then passes out, his tail firmly tucked in his mouth, and begins snoring.

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