Cats love the hunt, and are more damaging to native ecosystems than you'd think.
Cats love the hunt, and are more damaging to native ecosystems than you'd think.

WATERCOOLER: Where was your cat last night?

WHERE was your cat last night?

I was surprised to read that there was no animal quite as disastrous for our native wildlife populations as the humble cat.

Feral or domestic, cats love the thrill of the chase and by their very nature need to stalk and hunt.

In the case of domestics, they feel it is their duty to "provide" for their family.

Cats are estimated to eat 75 million native animals every night in Australia.

Every night.

With those ridiculous figures, it is no wonder 29 of our native mammals have become extinct since European settlement.

So, cat lovers, why not begin to mildly tame the beast by keeping it indoors of a night?

In this woolly weather, it would be much nicer to curl up with your furry friend in bed.

Think of him or her as an energy-efficient heating blanket.

But to let them roam free wreaking havoc on helpless animals doesn't seem right.

Neighbours of mine actually went as far as to install a cat run to stop their pet from bringing home snakes, birds and even a possum at one stage.

Their cat lived in it 24/7, which was a bit extreme.

Right now, we have the worst animal extinction rate in the world.

So if locking puss up for the night is an easy step in the right direction, I think it is one all cat owners who aren't already doing so, should consider. Maybe then we can give our wildlife a much-needed opportunity to regroup and begin to once more prosper.

Coming from a country with such unique wildlife, surely we should be doing all we can to maintain each species to be admired by future generations.

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