Where's NSW money gone?

NEWS released yesterday that the NSW Budget is in the red for the first time in eight years in hugely frustrating.

It's certainly not surprising as we've had plenty of warning that things aren't going too well in the Premier State.

But what is maddening about the grim economic news is that it's hard to see just how we've gone into deficit.

If the Labor Government had gone on a spending spree and invested heavily in infrastructure and put down payments on things that will pay off for us in the future, going into debt might be understandable and even applauded.

But there seems to have been precious little of anything like that.

Where has the money gone?

It has certainly not been spent on fast-tracking Pacific Highway improvements.

It hasn't gone on increasing facilities at local hospitals so more patients can be treated locally.

It hasn't been spent dredging our harbour so it is a safe haven for seagoing craft of all sizes.

It hasn't gone towards ensuring the Australian Surf Life Saving Championships would be held in Coffs Harbour.

So, Premier Rees, please answer the question: Where has our money gone?

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