Where are all the serious young men?

LOOKING for love in Coffs Harbour? You may be hard up.

Reports last week highlighted the lack of single men in a range of regional towns across the State - including our very own Safety Beach. So is there a shortage of eligible bachelors on the Coffs Coast? According to StarFM's Jess Hardy, there certainly is.

Jess, who moved to Coffs Harbour in January, said there were plenty of young single men looking for some fun, but men looking for something serious were hard to find.

“I find the age group is really young, or a lot older, there's no in between. I've got a heap of friends between about 24 and mid-30s that haven't met anyone,” she said.

“Maybe I'm being too picky, but I've got a lot of really gorgeous girlfriends that can't meet anyone, either - it makes you think, if they can't find anyone, there must be something wrong.

“I think we are limited as to where you can meet someone. Coffs Harbour is such a great place, it's got a great feel . . .it's just a pity it's so lacking in the men department.”

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