Choosing a name for your baby is not something to take lightly.
Choosing a name for your baby is not something to take lightly. Agency

What's in a name?

AS the world eagerly awaits the birth of the future king or queen of England, speculation has been growing around what the royal bub will be named.

Choosing a baby's name is one of the most important decisions a future parent will make and it requires careful thought - more thought then some people seem to give.

Whether you find out the sex of the baby or are happy for a surprise on the day, there are factors which need to be considered.

Do the initials spell or stand for something?

Is that something an animal, an animal sound, a word, company or famous acronym?

Is the combination of initials something which nasty school children could use to taunt your precious little one?

Keeping in mind how horrible school yard bullies can be, also consider what words rhyme with any names you consider.

Naming a child after someone, for example, a family member can be a way of paying tribute to a loved one and family heritage.

Naming a child after an item, a current trend or place may seem like a good idea when your pregnancy hormones are in over-drive, but consider the future.

One day, your child will ask you how you decided on their name - explaining you named them after the place they were conceived may not be the only awkward conversation you have that day.

Consider as well the potential professions your child could enter into.

Would you let a lawyer named Rosebud Rainbow represent you in a tough law-suit?

Once you have narrowed down the name selection, consider the spelling.

While changing an 'i' to a 'y' or vice-versa may seem cute, consider how nice it is to be able to walk into the newsagents and buy a pen, Christmas decoration or mug with your name on it - not the "they didn't have your name" one.  

William Shakespeare famously posed the question "what's in a name?"

To Mr Shakespeare I would like to say, when you are facing a lifetime of potential teasing, questions and constantly having to spell or pronounce your name, there is a lot in a name and parents should choose wisely.

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